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Our Mission

"Our goal as a company has been to build an organization that will serve as a benchmark for the entire truck transportation industry."
- Carroll Fulmer


Our Story

We're a family-owned and operated trucking and freight transport specialist, but our goals are a little different from other logistics companies. We've been successfully operating for over 70 years, and that means that, while we have a clear job to do well, our experience allows us to create a stress-free and caring environment for our truck drivers.

Experienced Leadership

Carroll Fulmer is a home for truck drivers – a work sanctuary where their efforts to keep the US running through their hard work and long journeys don't go unnoticed and underappreciated. Where travel issues and delays are understood, where drivers' concerns are actually listened to, and where compensation for your crucial role means more than just a paycheck.


Benefits for joining Carroll Fulmer as a truck driver start at the very beginning with a $5000 signing bonus, then into the way your schedule is structured to suit your needs and family commitments, health benefits to care for your most valuable asset, and unrivaled career growth prospects.

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